Arctic Bay | Ikpiarjuk

Arctic Bay, known to the Inuit as Ikpiarjuk, “the pocket”, is surrounded by high hills, hence the name. The community is located on the north end of the Baffin Island, which is a great place to witness the natural beauty of narwhals, walruses, seals & other sea mammals. A 32 kilometer road separates Arctic Bay from the mining community Nanisivik, which was developed in the 1970’s to support Breakwater Resources’ lead/zinc/silver mine.Today, this mine is closed.

Annually on Canada Day, the area draws visitors from around the world for the Midnight Sun Marathon. Participants can view the spectacular panorama between Nanisivik and Arctic Bay. During the summer months, tourists also enjoy the art and culture after arriving by cruise ships. The area’s artists have a lot to offer visitors.

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