Cape Dorset | Kingait

Cape Dorset, also tratitionally called Kingait, takes its name from the surrounding “high mountains”, as suggests the Inuit name. Cape Dorset is located on the southwest end of Baffin Island. The community has been populated for
over 1000 years. Close to the community are Thule and Inuit archeological sites, located in the Mallikjuaq Historic Park.

Cape Dorset is known internationally to be the “Capital of Inuit Art”, its artists specializing in print making, drawing, and stone carving. Inuit art enthusiasts from all over the world travel to Cape Dorset, where they can meet with local artists. Prints and carvings are displayed and sold at the West Baffin Eskimo Cooperative. Some of the artists from Cape Dorset have already shown their work at international art shows.

Growth sectors, have been recognized as government and the tourism industry. The residents of Cape Dorset recognize that tourism is their community’s most important asset. In addition, decentralization of some Government of Nunavut positions will open up jobs and encourage higher education in order to attain those government jobs.

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