Bathurst Inlet | Qingaut

“The Inuit name for the community is Qingaut, which means nose mountain. This refers to a hill near the community. This area’s traditional language is Inuinnaqtun and is written using the Latin alphabet rather than the syllabics of the Inuktitut writing system.

The area is known in part for the Wilberforce Falls, the highest waterfalls above the Arctic Cercle. The Bathurst Inlet Lodge, a naturalist lodge situated in an old trading post, is a popular destination for tourists who are looking for a traditional Inuit lifestyle and wildlife such as seals, foxes, caribou, arctif char, and muskoxen.

Bathurst Inlet has no phone system for communication. Residents use sattelite phones to communicate with other communities. Like in Umingmaktok, schooling is provided by flying the students to Cambridge, where they stay year-round except for summer and Christmas. Like many other communities, Bathurst Inlet in only accessible by plane.

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