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Repulse Bay is located exactly on the Arctic Cercle. One of the last communities in Nunavut to join the modern world, Naujaat is thriving with Inuit traditions. The community of Repulse Baycontinues to rely on carvings, The Inuktitut name for Repulse Bay is Naujaat, which “nesting place for seagulls”. These nesting grounds are located on tall cliffs five kilometers north of the community. Every summer in June, the area is occupied by thousands of seagulls, as well as snow birds, loons, common eiders, longtail ducks, and jaegers.

Repulse Bay is well known for its Inuit artisans, especially carvers who specialize in bone, ivory and stone. Community residents have formed the Aivilik Arts Society in an effort to promote Resolute Bay carvings and art to the international community.

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