Nunavut Inuit Wildlife Secretariat

The NIWS Board met in late January 2006 to identify priorities for the organization and discuss regional and territorial issues. The main objectives set forth by the Board are as follows:

  1. Provide clear, transparent and accurate financial reports to the Board and HTO.
  2. Provide an annual report which HTOs and RWOs can use at their AGM.
  3. Coordination of RWO meetings and consultations.
  4. Develop policies and procedures manual for NIWS.

NIWS has gained momentum and credibility since its inception which has prompted several organizations to approach NIWS in the hopes of establishing partnerships in areas of training, program delivery and community consultations to name but a few. Although the primary mandate of the Secretariat is to provide financial and administrative support to HTO and RWO, NIWS will eventually provide support in other areas such as the review of research applications, wildlife management and protection and policy development.

Some Accomplishments to Date

  • Updating and reconciling RWO financial records;
  • Preparing Financial Statements to have the HTOS caught up with Legal Registries;
  • Establishing offices in Kugaaruk, Rankin Inlet, Kimmirut, Iqaluit and Hall Beach as well filling positions within those communities;
  • Updating by-laws which were approved by all three RWOs;
  • Assist in updating and preparing HTO books for audits;
  • Working closely with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) staff to get HTO and RWO accounts up to date and current;
  • Establishing a centralized payroll system which includes HTO Managers from 24 of 25 communities and over 100 HTO Board members;
  • RWO Annual General Meetings (AGMs), Regular board meetings and conference call meetings being completed on a consistent basis, minutes kept and resolutions followed up on;
  • Assist RWOs and HTOs in reviewing and responding to research applications;
  • Assist Nunavut Harvester Support Program (NHSP) staff in the delivery, monitoring and aftercare of the program;
  • Completed  many successful Manager training sessions in Rankin  Inlet and in Iqaluit;
  • Completed many Board of Directors training sessions in communities;
  • Completed Financial and HR Policies for HTOs;
  • Salary and Benefits packages and job descriptions developed for HTO managers;
  • Completed monthly stipend policy.


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