The purpose of creating the Nunavut Inuit Wildlife Secretariat (NIWS) is to coordinate the responsibilities of the Hunters and Trappers Organizations and the Regional Wildlife Organizations (RWO) in Nunavut utilizing a centralized approach. Although NIWS is looked upon as a potential solution to numerous areas of concern at the local and regional levels; the main operational areas remain as follows:

  1. Administration of RWO Finances and relevant accounting requirements.
  2. HTO core funding disbursement in accordance with contributions agreements.
  3. RWO meetings, minutes, resolutions and applicable follow-ups.
  4. Provide management training and/or support to HTO Managers and their Boards.
  5. Act as liaison between HTO/RWO and other organizations such as NWMB, NTI, GN, DFO, DOE, etc.

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