Iqaluit, formerly known as Frobisher Bay (until 1987), is the business and government centre for the Baffin region and the capital city of Nunavut. Iqaluit is located on southern Baffin Island, and is the largest community in Nunavut. Furthermore, it has the smallest population of all Canada’s capital cities. Iqaluit is also the gateway to the Arctic from Eastern Canada.

Between 1998 and 2001, Iqaluit has seen a lot of growth. The construction of new buildings, like the new legislative building and office buildings, as well as new houses for the growing population, has been observed.

Even though Iqaluit is well below the Arctic Cercle, the area is devoid of any “real trees”, with the exception of the Arctic Willow, a cold-resistant tree that can grow up to 15 cm in height. Iqaluit also has wildlife and whale watching tours for tourists who wish to witness Nunavut’s marine mammals.

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